SAP 系統導入顧問服務


多位產業服務及資訊應用系統導入的顧問經驗,對於企業策略、流程整合以及企業營運資訊整合,資訊系統架構規劃,決策支援分析,需求規劃與預測,供給規劃與供需平衡,建模及最佳化求解,具有豐富的經驗與知識。特別是在SAP SCM領域,擁有APO模組完整導入經驗,及SAP HANA(記憶體式運算)、 SAP BO、SAP BW商業智慧分析等。服務過的客戶橫跨各種行業, 包含: 電子、消費民生用品、快速消費品、醫療、食品、記憶體模組、機械五金加工、通路等。

SAP B1 on Azure Solution

Why should you consider running SAP solutions in Azure? For one, take into account the 20+ year relationship between Microsoft and SAP, reflecting their common strategy objectives and integration opportunities. Next, look at deployment and management ease inherent to the cloud platform. Do not forget about superior hybrid functionality offered by Azure. Other worth noting factors are the dev and test capabilities, which facilitate quick provisioning of non-production parts of the SAP landscape. Last, but certainly not least is the best-in-class support, which, in the context of SAP on Azure, provides single point of contact to both technology vendors.

One of the deepest partnerships in the industry

  • Almost every SAP customer is a Microsoft customer too
  • About 60% of cloud-based SAP on Windows deployments are hosted in Azure – this provides an unique opportunity be the premier cloud target

Most comprehensive platform for running SAP workloads

  • Choice and broad range of capabilities for enterprise customers
  • Linux and Windows OS, SAP ASE, IBM DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server DB for SAP NetWeaver
  • Built in support for HA/DR and enterprise grade security and compliance

Agile provisioning of environments

  • Covering full application lifecycle – dev/test/prod/support

Rich ecosystem and development environment

  • Build modern apps using higher level Azure services – O365, BI, Machine Learning,
    Mobile, etc. in 38 regions